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Underground Duct Bank

Fast                Safe             Simple


Why prefabricate electrical duct bank?

Conduit placed in plastic cards for spacing

Installing duct bank can be time consuming, tedious and hazardous work. Take steps to make your jobsite not only safer but also more efficient! Delucchi Electric's prefabricated duct bank allows you to dig a smaller trench and eliminates much of the work that has to be done in the trench where workers can get hurt.


Contractors greatly benefit from using prefabricated duct banks. The conduit arrives at the jobsite in cards that follow the configuration and spacing noted in your project specs. Each section arrives in its rebar cage so very little rebar needs to be handled in the trench. Delucchi Electric labels each conduit section so that knowing where to place them is easy. All of this saves you an ENORMOUS amount of time on-site.


Why is this important to you? Duct work usually requires road closures, shift work, and/or working on nights and weekends. Prefabricated duct bank gets you out of the trench faster so that closures impacting the general public are shortened and night/weekend premium labor hours are minimalized. 




Benefits of Prefabricated Underground Duct Bank:

Duct bank installed next to train tracks


- increased safety

- faster installation

- exact pipe spacing

- smaller trench size

- conduit arrives in rebar cage

- labels make installation simple

- sturdy enough to walk on (unlike snap-together spacers)

- road and other closures impacting the general public are shortened

- order entire sections of duct bank from one supplier instead of dozens of parts & pieces


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Moving sections of duct bank to the install area