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Customer Testimonials: Prefab Saves Time On-Site!

Do Delucchi Electric's Prefabrication Services really save you time on the construction site?

You don't have to take our word for it - see what our customers say! 





What have our customers been saying about us?


Overhead Assembly"…the receptacle and everything was already installed in it with the cover plate, so once you installed [the prefabricated assembly] there was going to be no make up, no coming back to trim out except putting on the actual trim plate. I immediately saw that that was going to save a lot of time." - Joe, Foreman, Brayer Electric


"This project had an extremely short duration and I truly believe that we were able to meet the schedule only with the help of the prefab that [Delucchi Electric] did." - Shawn, General Foreman, BCCI Construction


In-Wall Assembly"It really improved the beginning with the rough-in for the electricians which indirectly gave me more time toward the end of the project on the schedule which always seems to creep up on you really quickly. So I hope [electrical contractors] do start using [prefab] more." - Jim, General Foreman, South Bay Construction


"Everything's already stripped and landed and knocked out for you and measured like I said so…it goes two to three times as fast...If anyone's out there trying to save money and time on jobs I would definitely say this is the way to go." - Jason, Foreman, New Age Electric