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Prefabrication simplifies your entire process.


Everything runs smoother with prefab.
Using Delucchi Electric's prefabricated assemblies:


1.  Reduces foreman and journeyman time by 59%
Repetitive tasks don't need to be done on the jobsite, especially not crouching on a concrete floor with T-bar going up above your head. Delucchi Electric's prefabricated assemblies are designed by our engineers so that your foreman don't have to waste hours on takeoffs and our assemblies are ready to be dropped into the wall or ceiling so your journeymen can easily and quickly complete a project.


Click to download the white paper!2.  De-clutters your jobsite
Garbage is a part of construction, but we can help you reduce it. Wrappers from individual parts and other garbage associated with building assemblies is taken off the jobsite. This makes clean-up easier and faster. Prefabrication also eliminates clutter because fewer journeymen are needed to work in any given room. This means that other trades won't be tripping over as many electricians which speeds up the entire project.


3.  Eliminates the need for excessive material movement
A piece of material traditionally gets moved 8-10 times before it reaches its final destination. Delucchi Electric drops off kits of products which go directly to the room where they belong, when they are needed. Handy maps and labels show where each box needs to go and where each individual assembly belongs in that room. 


4.  Decreases time at every stage of the project
Delucchi Electric rethinks the planning  process for a project. Our services, as opposed to ordering parts and pieces, saves time at every stage of the project from estimation to design to installation.


5.  Avoids issues before they happen
We hate filling out change orders just as much as you do. That's why we look at the entire project, not just the electrical. This way we can let you know if your electrical wires are crossing the water pipes so that you can make adjustments before building starts instead of when it's too late.


6.  Simplifies jobsite employee management (aka hiring and firing)
Hiring and firing is never fun. Delucchi Electric's assemblies allow you to do the same amount of work with fewer electricians which means fewer paperwork headaches for you. 


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