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What Should You Know About Electrical Prefab?

S.A.Q. - Should Ask Question

What questions should our customers be asking?


"What else can you prefabricate on my project?"

Even if you feel like you're fulling utilizing Delucchi Electric's Prefabrication Services, there may be other aspects of your project that can be prefabricated! Did you know that we prefabricate electric rooms and underground duct bank? In reality, most of your project can be prefabricated. There's probably some other way we can ease the pressure on your timeline, so just ask us! 



Fire Alarm Assemblies, In-Wall Assemblies, Overhead Assemblies, Surface Mounted Raceway




We Prefab Underground Duct Bank!


Prefabricated Duct Bank


When duct bank is prefabricated, installation becomes as easy as drag and drop! Manageable sections of pipe are pre-configured, labeled, and delivered to your jobsite. You simply drop them in the trench and snap them together. It couldn't get any easier!


What Happens When We Partner with You?



Watch a short video that walks you through a project when it's prefabricated by Delucchi Electric!