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Prefab Increases Safety, Lowers Premiums

Prefab increaes safety

May is National Electrical Safety Month (NESM)!


Are you keeping your team as safe as possible?​


How does Delucchi Electric's prefab increase safety on your job? Read below!

Dangerous Tasks


Working on a ladder, lift or other elevated surface are three of the top ten causes of injury on a jobsite according to OSHA. Using Delucchi Electric’s overhead assemblies makes more sense. Your journeymen spend significantly less time in the air - keeping them safer and more grounded.

Repetitious Tasks


Most of a journeyman's job involves repetitious, injury-causing tasks. Release your journeymen from assembling boxes  on their hands and knees on an active construction site - where a plumber might drop a piece of metal on their heads. Instead, order our in-wall assemblies - they drastically reduce the amount of time your journeyman spends bent in uncomfortable positions.


“Watching Worker’s Comp Costs”: Reduce Your Risk with Prefab

Read to find out how prefab increases jobsite safety!


Send us your drawings or order our standard "Off the Shelf" Assemblies & let prefab reduce on-site injuries!