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Incredible Savings with Prefabricated Raceway!

What Savings Do I get by Using Prefabricated Raceway?

You already know the savings prefabricated in-wall assemblies provide, but have you considered prefabricated surface mounted raceway?


Installation Time Savings

Delucchi Electric's Raceways arrive at your jobsite pre-spliced, pre-mounted and ready to install according to your project specs.


Prefabricated Surface Mounted Raceway on Stanchions



Space Savings

Raceway - and all the parts associated with building raceway - take up a lot of space. You don't need any space to store our raceways! We deliver them just-in-time for installation so you unload the truck and install!


Prefabricated Surface Mounted Raceway - Wiremold



Ease of Installation Savings

Each piece of Delucchi Electric Raceway arrives at your jobsite with a map showing exactly where it goes in the building and in the room. A Star Wars Lego set has more complicated building instructions than our raceways!


Prefabricated Surface Mounted Raceway - Wiremold


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