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Electrical Prefab in the News

What are other electrical contractors saying about prefab?

IBEW's monthly publication, The Electrical Worker, published two articles about prefabrication in their April 2015 issue.
Here's what shops across the nation had to say about prefab:


"Prefab is not just for large projects...Niche applications are proving nearly as profitable [as large projects]."


"Mastering prefabrication is all about gaining more projects to keep more journeymen and apprentices working."


"New methods of construction require new skills and using old skills in new ways."


"'Prefab is an evolution,' says Mills, who employs 110 IBEW members. 'We need buy-in from top to bottom."


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What are Delucchi Electric's Customers Saying About Prefab?



Jason Gonterman “Since the first time I used Bill’s prefab, I've wanted to use it on all my projects; especially the bigger ones… because, like I said, the pace of the jobs are so fast that having his stuff ready to go on the job makes it go in three or four times as fast as a standard installation…”

- Jason Gonterman, Foreman, New Age Electric


George Ford "We got everything done on schedule, and this project had an accelerated schedule - less than a year from breaking ground to move in. Prefab definitely helped me out, and I had fewer electricians out here working than I normally would have needed."

- George Ford, Foreman, Palmer Electric


Jim Harrison"[Prefab reduced jobsite congestion] first with fewer electricians and second, with less material to stage. Because when you get all the other trades - mechanical, electricians, plumbers, framers - and all their material…you can see the benefit for safety and cleanliness."

- Jim Harrison, Superintendent​, South Bay Construction



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