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Prefabricated Components

Electrical Contractor: Power & Integrated Building Systems

"Using prefabricated and preassembled electrical components often can bring substantial cost savings, especially on large projects such as hotels and hospitals that have a large number of identical layouts.

Some contractors have used preassembled products for years, others are trying them for the first time, while there are some who have yet to do so.

And while labor issues that once restrained the practice of assembling electrical parts off the job site are less an issue today, some contractors say many electricians in the field are not happy when prefabricated assemblies are used, feeling that they devalue their skills and experience and ultimately could threaten jobs."


"Among the most-used prefab components are quick pulls, boxes with devices, precut conduit and precut MC, said Robert Moeller, Sachs Electric vice president of technology.

Other prefabricated components frequently used by Sachs Electric include light fixture brackets, rough-in electrical systems, power and data communications box assemblies, conduit and large pipe bends, customized nipples for rigid pipe, component assemblies, and box supports for concrete pours.

'The benefits are labor savings and schedule savings as well as emergency benefits to field personnel when standard ordering and delivery of supplies and tools would delay an installation,' Moeller added. 'They also help a job progress when there are unanticipated schedule changes.'

'During the estimate process,' said Moeller, 'we evaluate if there is an opportunity to use prefabricated components. When there is, we generally incorporate these and other methods into the project to render cost and time savings.'”


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Published January 2005 by Jeff Griffin (Electrical Contractor Magazine)