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Fast-Track Project Demands Labor-Saving Methods

EC&M: Electrical Construction & Maintenance

"Because the construction team was working on such a fast-track project, the contractors had to find innovative ways to improve productivity. Through its in-house prefabrication shop, Interstates was able to slash field installation time while staying on schedule. For example, the prefabrication shop made up 90° conduits rather than having all of its electricians bend the conduit in the field. By working from a 3D CAD model, the shop was able to bend much of the pipe, assemble conduit racks, and then deliver all the materials to the site.

'The electricians could just take the pipe to the electrical room and fit it together like a puzzle,' says Nate Van Kley, estimator for Interstates. 'It saved a lot of time in the field.'"


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Published September 18, 2013 by Amy Florence Fischbach