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'Double-Handling' Can Be A Good Thing

Michael McLin, President, Maxim Consulting Group
Coffee Break With Michael McLin, President, Maxim Consulting Group


"Most electrical contractors think of prefabrication only in the context of large construction projects. Prefab may benefit bigger jobs, they reason, but it could never benefit service work. Nothing could be further from the truth. Properly planned prefabrication can introduce the same kind of outcomes in service work as it brings to larger projects. As a matter of fact, it can be even more important to the profitability of smaller jobs than anyone might otherwise have imagined. Take, for example, a service job that has a highly demanding, one-week completion schedule. Does it make sense to spend the first two or three days in the field building something that might have been fabricated ahead of time in the shop?"


"At this point in the 21st century, I cannot think of another industry—with the exception of healthcare—in which there is such a total lack of standardization than in the construction industry. In our consulting practice, we place a huge amount of emphasis on guiding our contractor clients into greater standardization in their operations. It is impossible to improve a business without standards, and, in this context, we mean both standardized process and standardized components for prefabricated assemblies."


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Published December 2014 by Andrew McCoy & Fred Sargent (Electrical Contractor Magazine)