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Full Electrical Prefabrication Service



Stay ahead of schedule. Easy enough for a first year, first day apprentice. Free your foreman from repetitious tasks.


What we do



The Plans

Prefabrication Consultation
This is the initial review of your project. We discuss:

  • how prefabrication can be utilized on your project.
  • how we can standardize the project's parts and pieces for ease of installation.
  • how assemblies can be kitted for different rooms and phases of the project.
  • how scheduling can be structured so that the project moves as smoothly and quickly as possible.

After the initial discussion about the project:

  • you send us the complete drawings and specifications (including architecturals, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and sub-systems - fire alarm, audio-visual, and BAS).
  • we identify appropriate prefab solutions for your specific project.
Proposal Proposal
Delucchi Electric presents you with a proposal. This document includes the scope of work and deliverables for your project. We begin the next stage of the project as soon as we receive your purchase order.
Foreman Meeting

On-site Coordination
After the purchase order is received, we go to the jobsite to talk to the project foreman about:

  • the assemblies that are being prefabricated.
  • how it should be kitted and delivered to accommodate phase and flow of construction.


During Construction

Building Assemblies Prefabrication
We build all of your assemblies in our manufacturing-style shop. This ensures that the product is consistetnly high-quality and all like assemblies are identical. 
Shipping Boxes Delivery
We deliver your assemblies to the jobsite and personally instruct your foreman and journeymen how to install them. We're there to answer any questions and are available to return to the jobsite to address any possible concerns.