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“Watching Worker’s Comp Costs”: Reduce Your Risk with Prefab

“Watching Worker’s Comp Costs”: Reduce Your Risk with Prefab

caution_coneKeeping employees safe is a priority for any reputable electrical contractor. But this is not a simple or inexpensive task. Worker’s compensation makes up about 40 percent of all insurance-related costs for contractors. Insurance premiums vary depending on the number and severity of injuries a firm has accrued over a set time period, generally about 3 years. A good safety record not only lowers insurance premiums, but also influences whether or not your firm is awarded projects. But how do you keep these numbers low?

Prefabrication offers a unique, proactive solution to this problem. Rather than hoping that the hundredth safety meeting will finally sink in, eliminating unnecessarily risky work from the jobsite may be more effective. Prefabrication shops, like Delucchi Electric, take repetitious tasks – such as building box assemblies – off the jobsite and put them in a controlled environment. These tasks are performed at a comfortable height without the danger, discomfort, and interruptions of working on the jobsite. Prefabrication ensures that assemblies are produced in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

The on-site journeymen need only to install the pre-assembled box/pipe/surface mounted raceway/etc. which drastically reduces the time they spend on top of ladders and crouched on the concrete floor. Less time spent on the ladder means fewer opportunities to fall off of the ladder which equals a better safety rating. I’d call that a win-win.


For the original Electrical Contractor magazine article on which this post is based, click here.

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